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Harmony Laser Center

Surgical Scars

Traumatic scars can often present themselves as keloids (raised, smooth, hard scar tissue that has grown over an injured area), hypertrophic (similar to keloids but not as raised on the skin), or depressed areas with or without associated erythema (redness). Both surgical and traumatic scars can be treated to reduce their appearance. (Keloid scaring may not be able to be treated.)

Additional Names for Surgical Scars

  • Traumatic Scars

Suggested Treatments


The type of traumatic scars that can be treated often times come from accidents or surgery. Scars of all shapes and sizes can be treated; the results depend on age, severity, size, location, and the amount of skin discoloration that is associated with the scar.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • I was in an accident when I was younger and it left a scar on my cheek, is this something that could be treated?
  • Yes, it absolutely can be treated. The results will depend on the severity and the amount of skin discoloration that you have. We offer complimentary consultations so you can come in and meet with a specialist to decide which of the above treatments would be appropriate for your particular condition.