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Harmony Laser Center

Leg Veins

When the valves controlling blood flow or the wall in the vein become weak, it leads to an enlargement of the blood vessels. In medical terms, this is known as sunburst varicosities or Telangiectasias.  Though most often associated with the legs and thighs in women, leg veins are common in men also.

Additional Names for Leg Veins

  • Spider Veins

Suggested Treatments


The causes for spider veins cannot be isolated to one or two. They can include: exposure to extreme temperature variations, wind and sun damage, use of oral contraceptives, alcohol consumption, excessive standing, hormonal issues, smoking, obesity, poor blood circulation, aging, and genetic predisposition.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • I have a bunch of very small veins covering my upper thighs, is this something you can treat?
  • We are able to treat small and some larger leg veins. When you have your complimentary consultation, our specialist will discuss the best treatment for the type of veins you wish to diminish. If the veins are too large, otherwise known as varicose veins, we will refer you to a specialist that we know and trust.