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Do you have some extra fullness beneath your chin? Maybe it’s something you’ve had your whole life, something that developed over the years, or something you noticed recently. This is a condition called submental fullness, which some people refer to as “double chin.” Both men and women may be affected by submental fullness, which can be caused by weight gain, genetics and aging. You don’t have to be overweight to have fullness under your chin. And sometimes, no matter how much you exercise or diet, the condition may not go away. If you’re interested in a nonsurgical way to reduce fullness beneath your chin, KYBELLA may be right for you. KYBELLA is a first-of-its-kind injectable treatment that improves the adult profile by destroying fat cells under the chin.

Conditions Treated

Where Can I Be Treated?

  • Under the chin.

How Does It Work?

The active ingredient in KYBELLA is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA destroys fat cells, which can result in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.*

What To Expect

  • Before starting treatment, your Registered Nurse Injection Specialist will examine the area under and around your chin to determine if KYBELLA is right for you. Then, your specialist will tailor your treatment to the amount of fat under the chin and your aesthetic goals.
  • Treatment can only be administered by a KYBELLA-trained healthcare specialist. At each treatment, you will receive multiple small injections under your chin, and the injection process takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The exact number of injections will depend on the amount of fat you have under your chin and your desired profile.*
  • Since everyone’s chin profile is different, the number of treatments varies from patient to patient. Your Registered Nurse Injection Specialist will help determine how many treatment sessions you need based on the amount and distribution of your submental fat and your personal treatment goals. Depending on personal aesthetic goals, most people on average require 2-3 KYBELLA treatment sessions.*

After Treatment

  • After the KYBELLA treatment, you will likely have some swelling, bruising, or numbness under your chin.* Be sure to inform your Registered Nurse Injection Specialist if you develop an uneven smile, facial muscle weakness, or difficulty swallowing.
  • KYBELLA can cause serious side effects, including nerve injury in the jaw (which can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness), or trouble swallowing.
  • The most common side effects of KYBELLA include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area.*
  • These are not all of the possible side effects of KYBELLA. Call your healthcare provider for medical advice about side effects.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • I have a special event coming up soon. My double chin drags down my face and makes it look heavy. I dread the thought of anyone taking my photo. Am I overly focused on my appearance?
  • Not necessarily, 67% of people surveyed said they are bothered by the fat beneath their chin. In fact, the survey results showed that people are just as bothered by submental fullness as they are by lines and wrinkles around and under their eyes.