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Harmony Laser Center

Dry Skin

Dry and flaky facial skin can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. When the body's natural oily layer on the skin dries out, the skin may be unable to produce enough oil and moisture for the body to replenish the amount being lost.

Suggested Treatments


Dry or flaky skin can be caused by exposure to natural elements like sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) rays, wind, dirt, smoke, medications, lifestyle, or incorrect product use.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • I have had dry skin on my face for the last few months and have tried every product possible but nothing is working. Do you have any treatments that might be able to help?
  • The dryness of winter often requires a change in your moisturizer in order to combat what the winter weather can do to the skin. Although it may not be the first treatment that someone would think of for dry skin, a Microdermabrasion can help immensely. This treatment can help exfoliate your dry skin which allows better penetration of your skincare products.